What Does Sweat Mean?

What does the term "sweat" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "sweat"?

In poker, a "sweat" can mean two things:

1) Watching another person play.

2) Encountering a hand in which you could either win or lose based on how the next cards are dealt

The King explains the meaning of the term Sweat when it comes to the game of poker.

Let's break down both meanings:

1) To "sweat" a person means to watch them play and possibly even comment on their play.

For instance - let's say that you have a friend that has made the final table of a World Series of Poker event.

You say "I'm going to come down there and sweat you after I get off of work"

In this case, "sweating" the person means that you are going to watch them play and root for them. Their ups and downs will be your ups and downs, as you want them to win.

2) Let's say that you push the last of your stack all-in during a multi-table tournament. You hold J-Q offsuit.

You get called by one of the biggest stacks at the table. A moment before you flip up your cards, you say "can I at least get a sweat?" When you say that, you are saying that you want your opponent to turn up something like K-A, which will mean that you can move ahead in the hand with one fortunate card on the flop. If your opponent had A-A, for instance, you would need to flop at least two cards to move ahead in the hand.

Let's look at another case. You hold 6d-7d, while your opponent has A-A. After a flop of 4d-As-Js, you push all-in on a bluff and your opponent instacalls.

The turn brings the 8d, which gives you a "sweat", as you now have the chance of winning the hand on the river.

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