Who Are The Biggest Poker Streamers on Twitch.tv?

The world of poker changed forever once people started streaming their play on Twitch.tv, which is currently owned by Amazon.com.

Twitch.tv allows people to stream their online poker games while showing their faces on camera and interacting with fans. Streamers get paid when they receive a share of the memberships that are sold for their channel, in addition to any money that is raised via promotions or merchandising. In addition, many of poker's top streamers have inked deals with poker rooms such as Pokerstars and 888. Parker Talbot, Jason Somerville and Jaime Staples are just some of the names that have parlayed large Twitch.tv followings into sponsorship deals.

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Who are the most popular Twitch.tv poker streamers in the world?

Based on total views, here are some of the top names:

Jason Somerville (jcarverpoker) - 17,762,568 views
Jaime Staples (pokerstaples) - 6,332,000 views
Pokerstars (pokerstars) - 6,159,000 views
Parker Talbot (tonkaaaap) - 4,488,445 views
Doug Polk (dougpolkpoker) - 2,454,000 views
Lex Veldhuis (lexveldhuis) - 2,313,285 views
Kevin Martin (kevinmartin987) - 2,300,788 views
PokerNightTV (pokernighttv) - 1,868,802 views
Bertrand Grospellier (elky) - 1,725,266 views
UnibetPoker (unibetpoker) - 1,624,150 views
Nanonoko (nanonoko) - 1,527,195 views
Daniel Negreanu (dnegspoker) - 896,770 views
Live at the Bike (liveatthebike) - 815,537 views
Bparispoker (bparispoker) - 776,764 views

This is not a comprehensive list, though it covers the vast majority of the top streamers in the world.

Last updated: April 21st, 2017


Of the 14 streamers listed above, 7 are sponsored by Pokerstars. The likes of Negreanu and Veldhuis were already sponsored by Pokerstars before starting their Twitch.tv streams, while Somerville and Staples both parlayed their success on Twitch.tv into deals with Pokerstars.

Parker Talbot also has a sponsorship deal, as he is currently signed to 888 Poker.


Twitch.tv is backed by Amazon.com and has a community of roughly 50 million users, so it isn't a surprise as to why it has proven to be so popular with players and poker rooms alike. For players, Twitch.tv is a chance to extend their brand while also making some additional streams of revenue.