What Does Quads Mean?

What does the term "Quads" mean in the world of poker? How is the term "quads" defined?

In poker, "quads" refers to when a player has four of a kind. Depending on the variant of poker that you are playing, quads is one of the strongest possible hands that you can have, behind only the straight flush and royal flush.

The definition of the term Quads when it comes to playing the game of poker.  Strong hand.

For instance - let's say that you are playing in an online tournament. You are in early position and are dealt pocket Kings. You put in a raise, which is called by both the button and the big blind.

The flop brings K-K-10, which gives you Quad Kings. At this point, you have a nearly unbeatable hand - all you could lose to is Quad Aces, a straight flush or a Royal flush.

The problem with Quads is that it can be hard to get paid off, as you have such a monster hand. For instance, neither player in the hand has a King, so it might be tough to keep them in the hand (unless, of course, somebody flopped a full house with 10s in their hand).

In this hand listed above, checking the flop and hoping somebody hits something on either the turn or river is probably the best way to play the hand.

If you held K-10 and the flop came K-K-K, you would have Quad Kings. You don't need two of something in your hand to have Quads.

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