Negreanu's Bad Luck on HSP Continues

Published on 2009-03-18 03:39:32

poker player daniel negreanu - hatAs most people are likely aware, Daniel Negreanu has been involved in some of the biggest pots in the history of "High Stakes Poker".

What people may not know is that Negreanu has now lost to Quads THREE times over the first 4+ seasons of the show.

Negreanu is one of the few players who has participated in all five seasons of the show, and has logged more hands on "High Stakes Poker" than most anyone else.

However, it is still pretty ridiculous to consider that Negreanu has lost three BIG pots to quads during the run of the show.

"High Stakes Poker" tapes an entire season of shows over a three day period.

When you take into account player breaks, production breaks and player substitutions, the average player on the show won't play that many hands per season.

My point?

Negreanu running into quads in three separate all-in confrontations over the course of 400-500 hands MAX is pretty sick.

If you'll remember, Negreanu and Hansen were involved in a memorable pot in season 2 of the show.

Negreanu held 6-6 pre-flop, while Hansen held 5-5.

The flop came 9-6-5, giving both players a set.

The turn brought another 5, giving Hansen quads, and Negreanu ended up losing a $575k pot. You can view the hand below:

Then, in a later episode of the show, Negreanu lost another pot to Quads, this time to Erick Lindgren.

Negreanu held the 10-9 of hearts and raised pre-flop. Lindgren called with 8-8.

The flop came Q-8-J, giving Negreanu the nut straight and Lindgren a set.

However, disaster struck (once again) for Negreanu, as the turn brought the 8 of diamonds, giving Lindgren quads.

After deciding to call an all-in bet by Lindgren on the river, Negreanu dropped yet another big pot to quads.

Negreanu lost yet another huge pot to Quads in Season 5 of the show (this past week) to David Benyamine.

Negreanu held an overpair (J-J) while Benyamine flopped a set of fours. The turn brought another 4, giving Benyamine quad 4s.

Benyamine led out with a small bet on the river, Negreanu pushed and Benyamine insta-called to rake in the $416k pot.

Yet again, Daniel Negreanu had lost a monster pot to Quads.

You have to wonder if Negreanu is going to keep playing on the show if this continues. He really has been unbelievably unlucky, dropping approximately $600,000 in three all-in pots where his opponent held Quads.


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