Ivey Battles "durrrr" In Sunday Showdown

Published on 2009-03-09 09:15:58

king presents phil ivey vs. tom dwan aka durrrrPhil Ivey and Tom "durrrr" Dwan, arguably the two best poker players in the world, put on an unbelievable display on Sunday. The two players waged a war on Full Tilt Poker, battling each other on a number of ridiculously deep-stacked tables.

The two were playing 2 tables of $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha and 2 tables of $500/$1000 HA for a good portion of their session. At one point, Ivey had over $2 million dollars spread over the four tables, while "durrrr" had close to a million.

In the end, Ivey got the best of "durrrr", sending Dwan deeper into the red for the year. Prior to Sunday's session, Dwan was down just over $3.5 million dollars in 2009 on Full Tilt Poker. Based on what I saw on the site today, Dwan will be down over $4 million dollars on the year once Sunday's results are calculated. I'm not sure how Dwan did on Sunday before starting his battle with Ivey, but he must have lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $600-$700k to Phil during their battle.

Ivey, who got off to a very slow start in 2009, is now comfortably over the one million dollar profit mark for the year.

I hope that Dwan and Ivey end up battling in the "durrrr" challenge one day. This would be an insanely entertaining match-up, as every one of their heads-up battles seems to be.

Here are some of the bigger hands from their session today:

1. Quads vs Full House (Ivey).

The flop comes 3-9-5 offsuit. "durrrr" bets $4,800 Ivey raises to $16,600, "durrrr" re-raises to $55,800, Ivey put in another raise to $173,400 and "durrrr" calls all-in.

Ivey shows 4-9-6-3 for two pair plus an open-ended straight draw, while "durrrr" shows 5-5-T-8 for a set of fives.

The turn is the three of hearts, giving both players a full house. Dwan is still ahead in the hand.

The river brings the case 3, and Ivey takes down the $232k pot with his Four of a Kind.

2. Quads vs Full House (Dwan).

After some standard pre-flop raising, the flop comes 3-3-5.

Ivey bets $5,000, and "durrrr" just calls.

The turn is the 6 of clubs. Check, check.

The river is the King of spades. The hand, which seemed as though it was heading towards an uneventful conclusion, suddenly springs to life. The two players can't get their chips into the middle fast enough, and are soon all-in.

Ivey shows 2-6-K-K for a rivered full house.

However, Dwan shows 5-3-3-2 for flopped quads, and takes down the $245k pot.

3. Ivey Wins Biggest Pot of the Day.

After some pre-flop raising, the flop comes 6-4-Q rainbow.

The two players get into a raising war and are soon all-in, creating a $400k pot (Ivey started the hand with $201k, while Dwan started the hand with around $560k).

Dwan shows A-7-5-6 for a pair of sixes, an open-ended straight draw and a backdoor diamond flush draw.

Ivey shows 5-Q-7-4 for two pair, as well as an open-ended straight draw.

The turn is the five of diamonds, which gives Dwan some more outs.

The river is the Jack of clubs, and Ivey wins the hand with his two pair, Queens and Fives.

Ivey is shipped the $402k pot, the largest of the day.


All in all, another ridiculous session between Ivey and Dwan.


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