Published on 2008-04-21 10:02:59

world poker tour - joe hachem - black shirt - black backgroundJoe Hachem has been in the news quite a bit over the past couple of weeks.

First, he nearly ripped Woody Deck's head off at the EPT Grand Final. Then he took 11th place in the event for $160k.

And today, he made a fold in the WPT World Championship that had many scratching their heads and laughing.

Here is how it played out:

Jordan Morgan raised pre-flop and was called by three different players, one of which was Joe Hachem. Hachem called holding 5-3 offsuit.

The flop came A-7-4 and everyone checked.

The turn was a six, giving Hachem the second nut straight. That's pretty much a dream board if you are holding a trash hand like 5-3 offsuit. Anyways, Morgan beat 2,000, Hachem re-raises to 7,000, Morgan re-raises to 12,000, Hachem re-raises to 22,000 and Morgan moves in for 27,000 more.

Hachem has about 27,000 left in his stack, and starts to agonize over a seemingly easy decision.

According to various reports, Hachem eventually said "You got 8-5 kid?" and folded his 5-3 face up.

Morgan flipped over his hand, showing pocket aces, not believing that he had actually been behind in the hand holding a flopped top set.

Some are saying that this is "one of the worst folds of all time" in a major poker tournament. They point to the amount of chips in the pot at the time of Hachem's fold, the size of his remaining stack and the absolute unlikelihood that Morgan actually held 8-5.

Certainly it was a suspect fold, but then on the other hand, Hachem has nearly $11 million dollars in lifetime earnings, a WPT win, a WSOP main event bracelet and countless other cashes. Who am I to talk?


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