Published on 2007-09-29 20:58:29

Annette ObrestadThis is a food for thought article. A "what would you do in this situation" type of article.

I am sure that you all know who Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad is. She just recently won the World Series of Poker Europe main event, and is easily one of the most accomplished and successful poker players online. She just recently turned 19.

It has been widely reported that Annette started playing poker online when she was just fifteen years old.

When I first heard this, the first thing that I thought to myself was: what did her parents think about this at the time? Did she tell them? If she did tell them, were they initially supportive, or did they only become supportive once she started to become really successful?

My question to you is this:

If you had a son or daughter that was not yet legally old enough to gamble, would you allow them to continue playing if you found out that they were sneaking in sessions online?

Would their level of success influence your decision?

If you said to yourself, there is no way that I would let them play poker online; what if they were one of the most successful players online and making gobs of money?

If you said to yourself, sure, I would be supportive; what if they were constantly losing?

If you said to yourself that you would support your kids when it comes to playing poker online, would you have a limit in terms of their age? You might let them play if they were 17, but what if you discovered that your fourteen year old kid was logging hours on Pokerstars playing on the account of one of his friends' brothers?

If you were supportive of your kid playing poker online, what if they informed you that they now had a 100k bankroll online and would no longer be attending college after high school?

If you weren't supportive of your kid playing poker online, what if they informed you and proved to you that they had 150k online?

What would you do? Support them or ban them from playing in your home? Would their level of success influence your decision-making process?

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