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The online poker world is buzzing about a particular hand that went down during the World Poker Classic at the Bellagio on April 25th. The hand involved Kirk Morrison and CK Hua. We will take you through the hand, and leave it up to you to determine whether or not CK Hua was acting with dishonorable intentions during this hand.

can kim hua cheated?Kirk Morrison limped from middle position and Can Kim Hau raised $100,000 on the button. Both Kirk Morrison and Thomas Wahlroos call, and the flop comes down 8 7 5, with mixed suits. Wahlroos leads out $200,000, and Morrison flat calls. Hua re-raises $600,000, leaving himself with $400,000 in chips. Wahlroos folds, and Morrison goes all-in. Morrison then flips his cards over, revealing 8 7, stating that he thought that Hua had called.

Wahlroos and Morrison both insist that they heard Hua say "call", though the dealer states that he didn't hear anything. The floor is called over, and the floor sides with the dealer and says that Hua didn't in fact call. Hua eventually folds, showing pocket nines.

Now, you may read this hand saying, ok, maybe Hua didn't say call. But when you look at the facts, you will see that the odds are definitely in favor of Hua saying call and then backing off. Consider the fact that Hua only has $400,000 left after his re-raise. There is over 2 million chips in the pot at this point, and Hua is getting at least 5 to 1 to call. Considering that it was an 8 high board with no flush possibilities, is it really reasonable to assume that Hua could actually fold here, especially after re-raising $600,000? Not only did he have a pair, but he had a gutshot straight draw as well. I firmly believe that Hua said call, and backed off once he saw that he was up against 2 pair.


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