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Sorel Mizzi, also known as "Imper1um", is starting to dominate live poker tournaments the same way he has absolutely crushed online tournaments for the last year plus. Mizzi is on a tour of Europe right now, crushing live poker tournaments left, right and center.

Heading into the last day of the Irish Poker Open, Mizzi has a massive chip lead, with almost triple the chips of his closest opponent. Imper1um is entering the final day of play with a chip stack of 2.855 million chips, with the next closest player being Thomas Finneran who has a chip stack of 945k chips.

First prize is 650k euros in this event. Mizzi had the second biggest stack heading into Day 3, and then began to absolutely abuse his opponents as they moved higher and higher up the money ladder.

Big heads on Day 3 for Mizzi included:

Bruce Yamron pushing all-in on a flop of A J 7 holding pocket Queens. Mizzi held A 8, and his hand held up, after a scary turn card of a 10 brought more outs for Yamron.

Mizzi then knocked out Glen McGabe on a flop of A T 3; Mizzi held A T, and McGabe was in HUGE trouble holding A 9, needing runner runner 9's.

Imper1um then won a huge hand holding A 9 on a flop of 9 4 2 (two hearts). They got their chips in, creating a 1.3 million chip pot. Imper1um's opponent, Paul Dooley, was holding 8 7 of hearts. The turn was another 8, giving Dooley even more outs, but the river was a blank, and Dooley was gone.

Mizzi would have had an even more commanding chip lead, but lost 447k chips off his total when he was trying to pick off a short stack who pushed the remainder of his stack into Mizzi's 100k raise. His opponent held A 7, and Mizzi held K Q, and his opponent turned a straight.

It is going to be very hard for Mizzi to lose this tournament considering his chip stack. Also, his most formidable opponent, Roland de Wolfe, has the shortest stack heading into the final day of play, with 365k in chips. Here are the chip counts heading into the final day of play:


Sorel Mizzi -- 2,855,000
Thomas Finneran -- 945,000
Nicky Power -- 864,000
Marty Smyth -- 845,000
Danny McHugh -- 803,000
Brian O'Keeffe -- 393,000
Roland de Wolfe -- 365,000


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