Published on 2007-03-19 05:25:21

It seems as though Hallinggol, who used to be a fixture at the biggest No Limit games on PokerStars, has disappeared. Aside from popping up a few weeks ago, he has largely been MIA from PokerStars.

At first, it seemed as though Hallinggol was simply travelling the world, and didn't have time to play poker. Starting with the PCA, Hallinggol travelled the world, hitting places such as the Bahamas, New York and Brazil. At the time, you could probably forgive Hallinggol for not being focused on poker; he was probably more focused on his vacation.

However, Hallinggol has been back at home for a while now and still seems to be staying away from the tables. Is he simply taking a break from the game, or did his recent fairly bad rush result in him HAVING to take time away from the tables? Ever since Pokerstars introduced the 25/50 game on Stars, Hallinggol has not had strong results. Considering Hallinggol's ultra LAG play, is he just on the downside of variance right now? Considering that the few times I did see Hallinggol on Stars recently he was playing at the 10/20 level, I would say that his bankroll did indeed take a hit, and he is in the process of rebuilding / taking time off from the game.

Hopefully we will see him back at the tables soon. His ultra aggressive / loose play certainly loosens up the tables and is fun to watch.


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