Published on 2006-04-09 14:03:53

This has been the talk of the online poker world for the past couple of weeks. Is Scott Fischman bust? What was the deal with the staking deal between himself and Thomas "Thunder" Keller?

I'm normally not one to speculate on matters such as this, but so many people have asked me about this that I thought I would write a post about it. I am not going to be formulating any opinions, just stating facts as I know them.

To the people who say "No way Fischman can be bust, he's got a couple of bracelets and came in second at a World Series of Poker event last year." To you I would say; how much of those events did Fischman have in himself? Meaning, was he staked? How much did he really take home in those events?

Apparently, Scott Fischman and Thomas Keller struck up a deal in July 2005 that would have Keller staking Fischman in major buy-in tournaments, with Keller receiving I believe 35% of the winnings and Fischman receiving 65%. From what I have heard, Keller put up a lot of money in buy-ins, and the two just recently went their own ways, with Keller receiving no return for his investment. The amounts of money that Keller invested in Fischman vary from what I have heard; I have heard the number is as high as 400k, but Fischman claims it's much lower. Fischman has confirmed the existence of such a deal. Fischman has since moved on to a new backer. Depending on who you talk to, the end of the agreement may or may not have been amicable.

Fischman's erratic behavior. Just recently, Scott Fischman's chat was revoked by PokerStars, after he lost it while playing an online tournament. Trust me the behavior was really, really bad. Maybe he was just having a bad day?

Fischman showing up at low buy-in tournaments. I can see wanting to play as much as possible to polish up your game. But I recently played a $20 PLO buyin tournament with Fischman on Stars. What's up with that?

Is Fischman bust? I have no idea. Draw your own conclusions. I've drawn mine.


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