Published on 2006-02-27 22:06:37

I'm going to open this one up for comments. Please remember that I moderate all the comments before they are posted to this site, so please keep it clean.

My question is: which professional poker player would you most like to punch in the head? Simple question. I will give you some possible answers; feel free to add your own as well in the comments section. Please list the person and why you would like to punch them in the head.

Phil Hellmuth - constantly whines. Is considered the bad boy of poker. I consider a "bad boy" to be someone with slicked back hair and a leather jacket. Phil Hellmuth cries, whines and constantly is talking himself up. According to him he is up "millions" playing online this year, but everyone I talk to that rails him says, no way.

Mike Matusow - much more likable guy, but his mouth just won't stop. He's like that guy that tells a really funny joke and then drives the joke into the ground for the next hour. Eventually you have to tell them, please stop!

Tony G - this guy is deserving of a dropkick from the top ropes, followed by a piledriver. He's not just annoying, but also insulting.

Chris Moneymaker - I mean really, after watching the 2003 World Series of Poker again, how lucky can you get? Chris Moneymaker needs a steel chair over the head, just because.

Phil Laak - how do you feel about the way he acts at a table? Either you really like this guy or really hate him. Does he deserve a pat on the back or a bodyslam onto a floor covered in tacks?

Shawn Sheikhan - this guy gets my vote. No class, no respect.

What do you all think?

The Best Answer will Receive $50 Free at the poker room of your choice. Deadline: March 31st, 2006.


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