Poker World Placing Wagers on Outcome of Busquet/Alvarado Tilt

Published on 2016-04-20 22:31:00

The King is smoking his e-pipe and reading the morning papers.  There is another MMA fight coming up in the world of pokerOn Thursday night at 6 pm local time, poker pros Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado will lock horns in a mixed martial arts fight in Las Vegas.

Busquet vs Alvarado is going to follow in the tradition of other fights between professional poker players, including Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier vs Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis and the recent tilt between Sorel Mizzi and Brian Rast. Since there are poker players involved, there will obviously be a fair amount of money on the line - $150,000 will go to the winner, and there is a great deal more money being bet on the side.

While Alvarado has been training mixed martial arts "off and on" for most of his life, Busquet began training just six months ago. Busquet, though, has taken the training very seriously and has undergone an impressive physical transformation.


Earlier this week, online sportsbook Pinnacle had odds posted for the fight. According to Pinnacle, Busquet is the favorite to win, despite his lack of experience:

Olivier Busquet, 1.869
JC Alvarado, 1.990


The poker community is largely split on the outcome of this fight - who do you think will win?

If you are interested in watching the fight, a live stream is being offered on Youtube:


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