High Stakes Poker Season 5, Episode 5 Recap

Published on 2009-03-31 00:51:59

king is taking notes - highstakes poker tv showThe fifth episode of the fifth season of "High Stakes Poker" was highlighted by Daniel Negreanu losing yet another monster pot.

The line-up for this episode was the same as the previous four episodes - Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Peter Eastgate, Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, David Benyamine and Barry Greenstein.

The blinds for the episode were $500/$1000 with $200 antes.

David Benyamine won the first hand of the episode after flopping two pair. Benyamine had the 5/7 of spades, and the flop came 8-7-5. Benyamine bet $15k and was called by Daniel Negreanu, who held the 9-10 of hearts.

The turn brought the 2 of clubs, and Negreanu ended up folding after facing a $30k bet from Benyamine.

The first major hand of the episode saw an all-in confrontation between Daniel Negreanu and Eli Elezra.

Negreanu raised pre-flop to $3k with the 10-9 of clubs, Tom Dwan called with 8/7 offsuit, Eli raised to $11k with pocket Aces, and Negreanu and Dwan both called.

The flop came Q-2-4 with two clubs.

Eli bet $17,100, Negreanu raised to $44,100, Eli re-raised to $119,100, Negreanu pushed and Eli made the call.

The players agreed to run the hand twice.

Negreanu ended up missing both boards, as the first board ran out 5d 6s, while the second board brought the 3s and the Jack of spades.

Eli raked in the large $487,700 pot, and Negreanu was forced to rebuy.

Peter Eastgate took down the next big pot.

After a standard pre-flop raise from Eli Elezra (who held A-9 of diamonds) and call from "Ziigmund", who held 4-4, Peter Eastgate raised to $20,000 holding pocket Queens.

Both Eli and "Ziigmund" elected to call.

The flop came K-2-7 with two diamonds.

Eli bet $55,000, "Ziigmund" folded, and Eastgate elected to call.

The turn brought the 3 of clubs. Check, check.

The river helped neither player, and both players checked down once again. Eastgate showed his Queens and took down the $174k pot.

The next major pot saw Tom "durrrr" Dwan bully Peter Eastgate off of a much better hand.

Sahamies raised to $4k holding A-10, Negreanu called with 7-7, Eastgate was dealt another big pair (J-J) and raised to $20,000, Dwan re-raised to $58,700 holding pocket fours, Sahamies and Negreanu both folded, and Eastgate called.

The flop came 8-Q-A.

Dwan bet $62,200, and Eastgate folded.

After a couple of medium-sized pots that were won by "Ziigmund" and Sahamies, there was a fairly major confrontation between Greenstein and Elezra.

On a board of J-K-A-8 (with two diamonds and two clubs), Eli put in a $45,000 bet holding A-2 offsuit.

Greenstein, who held the 6-5 of diamonds for a weak diamond flush draw, put in a $200k raise, which elicited a fold from Elezra.

Dwan and "Ziigmund" then got involved in a pot together.

Dwan won the $100k pot, holding K-9 offsuit on a board of 2-9-3-7-8.

"Ziigmund", who held 5-3 suited for a pair of threes, called flop and turn bets from Dwan, before both players elected to check down on the river.

Dwan also won the final pot of the day after his pair of 7's held up on a board of 9-3-9-4-K. "Ziigmund" held A-10 offsuit, and elected to check down on the river, giving up the $87k pot to Dwan.

The preview of next week's show says that Dwan and Greenstein will get involved in another epic pot, which will end up being "one of the most talked about hands in High Stakes Poker history". Can't wait to see that - will Dwan get his revenge after Greenstein sucked out on him in last week's show? Or will Greenstein win another major pot off of Dwan?


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