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poker player tom durrrr dwan and a large chip stack in front of him - biggest online potBefore Wednesday, the largest online cash game pot was won by Fast_Freddie, aka Mohammad Kowssarie. The hand took place on Ladbrokes, and the two participants were "Fast_Freddie" and Johnny "bad_ip" Lodden.

The total size of that pot? $465,451. The two cash game specialists were duking it out at a $200/$400 NLHE table. "bad_ip" raised pre-flop to $1,400, and "Fast_Freddie" re-raised from the big blind to $4,400. "bad_ip" called, and the flop came 7 A A.

"Fast_Freddie" led out for a $8000 bet, and "bad_ip" min-raised to $16,000. "Fast_Freddie" re-raised to $40,000, and "bad_ip" called. The turn brought the five of spades, and the two players soon had the rest of their money in the middle of the table. The river was the King of clubs. "Fast_Freddie" showed A-J for trip aces to take down the monster pot, and "bad_ip" mucked.

This record stood up for two years. On Wednesday, three hands were played on Full Tilt Poker that produced larger pots than the "bad_ip" / "Fast_Freddie" hand from 2006.

One pot was $476,305, one was $474,949 and the biggest was $499,037. All three of the pots involved Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

The action took place on the "RailHeaven" table on Full Tilt Poker. This is the $500/$1000 No Limit Hold'em game that sometimes runs on the site.

The $474,949 pot was won by "durrrr", and was temporarily the largest online poker pot ever. "durrrr" was dealt pocket Aces on the button. Peter W Jepsen raised pre-flop, "durrrr" re-raised from the button, and Jepsen called. Prior to the start of this hand, "durrrr" had a stack of $236,726, and Jepsen had a stack of $607,262.55.

The flop came A-K-6 with two diamonds, giving "durrrr" top set. He bet $16,300, and Jepsen called.

The turn brought the 8 of hearts, putting two flush draws on the board. "durrrr" bet out again, this time for $43,700. Jepsen pushed all-in, and "durrrr" snap-called. Dwan showed his top set, while Jepsen turned over the 3-4 of diamonds for the flush draw.

The river paired the board, and Dwan had (temporarily) taken down the largest online pot ever.

Less than an hour later, the largest online pot ever was played.

"durrrr" had built his stack up to over $700,000, having won a $447k pot against Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond earlier when his A-K offsuit ended up beating the pocket Kings of Galfond. Dwan held the Ace of hearts and was behind in the hand until the river brought the seven of hearts, putting four hearts on the board and giving Dwan the nut flush.

Anyways, "durrrr" had a stack of just over $700k, and Jepsen had a stack of $319,019.55.

Jepsen raised to $3,500 pre-flop from the button, and "durrrr" called from the small blind. The flop came T-8-7 rainbow. "durrrr" led out with a $6,300 bet, and Jepsen just called.

The turn brought the Ace of spades. "durrrr" bet $17,800, Jepsen raised to $59,219.55, and "durrrr" called.

The river brought the four of hearts. "durrrr" checked, Jepsen bet $180,000, "durrrr" then requested time and eventually called.

Jepsen showed 6-9 offsuit for a straight, and "durrrr" mucked. The largest ever online poker cash game pot was won with 6-9 offsuit.

About an hour after the biggest pot ever, Tom "durrrr" Dwan won the $476,305 pot. His opponent would again be Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond.

"durrrr" raised to $3,000 pre-flop. Both "OMGClayAiken" and "elmariachimacho" called.

The flop came 5-7-4 with two hearts. "durrrr" bet $8,200, "OMGClayAiken" called, and "elmariachimacho" folded.

The turn was the two of clubs. "durrrr" checked, "OMGClayAiken" bet $21,400, "durrrr" raised to $79,100, and "OMGClayAiken" called.

The river was the ace of hearts. "durrrr" pushed all-in for $145,854. "OMGClayAiken" called for time, and eventually called the large river bet. Dwan showed Q-3 of hearts for the rivered flush, and Galfond mucked his hand.

In total, I counted four $400k+ pots ($447,785, $474,949, $476,305 and $499,037). All four pots involved Tom "durrrr" Dwan, and he ended up winning three of them (two with rivered flushes, and one with top set). An absolutely crazy day on Full Tilt Poker.


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