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best online tournament poker player in the world - chad batista aka M8kingMovesThis question is sure to draw some strong responses.

I am not sure if I can think of an online poker player who is more polarizing than Chad Batista. People seem to really love him or really hate him.

You can't deny the fact that he is one of the most successful online poker players EVER. As a matter of fact, you could strongly argue that he is the most successful online tournament player ever.

What about Annette_15? Johnnybax? Imper1um?

All ultra successful tournament players, but I believe that "Lilholdem954" has the most impressive achievements (remember, I said online achievements, I really that Annette won the WSOPE) out of any online poker player that you put up against him.

Let's take a quick look at his list of accomplishments:

-over 1.2 million in cashes on Pokerstars alone

-over $570k in cashes on Full Tilt Poker, including a 212k this past summer

-took down a $600 Sunday tournament on Party Poker for 210k and chopped another one. All told he has around $500k in total cashes on Party Poker as well.

-has won both a $1k Monday tournament on Full Tilt and a Super Tuesday $1k tournament on Pokerstars

-how many $100 Rebuy tournaments has he won on Pokerstars?

I mean, all told Batista has around $2.2 million in cashes online. He is just ridiculously consistent and seems to win something big every couple of days.

You could make extremely solid cases for Annette_15, Imper1um or Johnnybax being the best online tournament players ever. Imper1um also has a ridiculous number of cashes on Pokerstars, plus he has two FTOPS victories (one under kristy_sea, and one under Imper1um.) Imper1um has a spectacular track record, and you could easily argue that he is the best online MTT player ever.

Annette_15, if she continues to play a decent volume if tournaments online, will no doubt probably be considered the top all-time player online in a year or two. In addition to scores of wins on Pokerstars, she also just recently took down a huge score on Full Tilt Poker. The first of many I am sure.

And Johnnybax has to be considered as well, considering he was easily the most consistent winner online in the past, but doesn't seem to be putting in the same volume as of late.

When I consider everything though, I have to say that Batista is the most successful player online ever, and Mizzi is a close second? What do you think?


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