Published on 2007-04-23 07:24:23

"DuckU" has just taken down yet another FTP Sunday tournament, as he won the $400k Guaranteed tournament just a week after he took down the $750k Guaranteed tournament.

Last week "DuckU" took down a first place prize of $152,347.50 for winning the $750k guaranteed. This week he took down a slightly smaller but still respectable first place prize of $100k+.

"DuckU" typically plays cash games, enjoying the $10/$20 games on Bodog especially. It is obvious though that "DuckU" has an incredible knack for tournament play, and we can probably expect for him to focus more on tournaments in the future and less on cash games.

This ranks as one of the greatest accomplishments in online poker ever. Congratulations to DuckU; we are sure that we will be seeing much more of you in the future.
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