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If you rail the high limit games on Pokerstars, you have probably seen Lagerborg. Lagerberg is a multi-talented poker player; he is able to play on the high limit Limit tables, the No Limit tables, and the high limit Pot Limit Omaha tables, with great success most of the time.

Lagerborg is an extremely accomplished and successful cash game player hailing from Norway. His full name is Tore Lagerborg, and he tends to focus more on cash games than tournaments. He has dabbled in live touraments, with his best result coming at the 2005 Monte Carlo Millions, where he finished 42nd.

Lagerborg is another of the young, aggressive players who always seems to have his opponent on the defensive. Because of this aggressive style of play, opponents will often play back at Lagerborg with less than optimal holdings. Combine his aggressive play with superb hand-reading skills and you have an extremely tough opponent.

Norway continues to produce some of the best online poker talent around, in the form of names such as Lagerborg and Annette_15. Next time you see Lagerborg on Pokerstars, rail him for a bit, and watch the chips fly. In the end, Lagerborg normally comes out on top.

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