Published on 2007-04-04 22:33:37

Well, in our last post we definitively answered the question as to who "Moneyhungryhoe" was. However, unfortunately we don't have a solid answer as to who Bacina on Full Tilt Poker is. Even the Full Tilt Pros don't know who Bacina is, as Mike Matusow and John Juanda recently had a conversation on Full Tilt where they speculated as to who it is. Bacina plays the highest limit games on Full Tilt, and seemingly does quite well and is a pretty good player.

There was speculation that Bacina was David Benyamine, as Benyamine uses many different aliases while playing on Full Tilt. David Benyamine can be eliminated from consideration though, as he has played on the same table as Bacina before.

I would speculate that Bacina is actually Ming Ly. Ming Ly is one of the few "Big Game" regulars that hasn't appeared on Full Tilt Poker as of yet, and he actually told several pros that he would be signing up to play on Full Tilt soon (according to Mike Matusow.) Ming plays Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold'em cash games live, so this would support the theory as well. It's not Doyle and it's not Johnny Chan. When you continue to narrow down the list of possible names, to me, Ming Ly makes the most sense.


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