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Whenever writing an article on BodogAri, there are two important things to note:

1) BodogAri is a hell of a poker player.

2) BodogAri smokes a lot of weed.

BodogAri is without a doubt one of the top poker players online, which is scary considering his young age. Look up BodogAri in thepokerdb, and you will see countless final tables and wins. The big question is: does marijuana make Ari the player that he is, calmly able to deduce what his opponent has, thus enabling him to make incredible calls, or does the marijuana act as a detriment to his overall game, and would BodogAri absolutely be carving up the tables if he was clean?

I suspect we'll never know the answer. In my personal experience, I write my best articles when high (this article was obviously written when I had nothing in my system), so I suspect that Mary Jane helps Ari to be a better poker player.

Ari is slightly less aggressive than some of the other top players out there (though still very aggressive), however, his real strength is in taking control of pots, analyzing different situations and making some extremely difficult calls. Ari is an absolute master at putting his opponent on a hand, and has made countless unbelievable calls over his short online career.

BodogAri is another one of those players that you have to think will absolutely carve up live events when he is old enough to play. As long as there is a good supply around, you can expect Ari to keep carving up online tables long into the future.


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