Published on 2007-03-26 23:40:05

Johnny Lodden. The name brings fear to the hearts of many online cash game players. Johnny Lodden has been tearing up the online cash games for some time now, taking on any and all challengers. Johnny has been involved in some of the biggest pots online, and is rumored to have won over 10 million dollars playing online cash games.

Johnny Lodden plays as several different aliases online. On the Prima network he is known as "bad_ip." On Pokerstars, he is known as "Lars_Magne." And on Full Tilt Poker, he is known as "LuckyUlsa." LuckyUlsa has been one of the biggest winners in the Full Tilt No Limit Hold'em games this year, raking in over $800k in profits in just a few short months according to my estimates.

Lodden is known for his loose, extremely aggressive play. While some watching him may say that he is reckless, he is just building an image as a reckless player, so he can exploit it later. If you think he is re-raising with air every hand, then he will re-pop you when he does actually have a hand.

Lodden was born in Norway, and is currently about 20-21 years old. He is starting to venture out into the live events, including several EPT stops, and he has been doing well, finishing 13th at the EPT Dortmund event, and 14th at the EPT Barcelona event.

Johnny is another player who will destroy the World Series of Poker events, once he is old enough to play in them. Johnny is an extremely well-respected player online, and I only expect for him to get better and better with experience.


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