Published on 2006-04-14 22:21:14

You may read the title and say: What about Bax? What about BodogAri? What about Shaniac? These guys are always doing well in the $109 Rebuy on Stars. But let's look at the overall tournaments. Let's look at the $11 rebuys on Stars. Let's look at the $55 rebuys on Stars. Let's look at the $5.50 rebuys on Stars. What is the one name that I almost always see sitting at the final table of these events? BelowAbove.

After seeing BelowAbove final table 6 (six!) times this past Thursday, I decided that I had to write an article on this force of nature. Below has over $270,000 in PokerStars cashes since the beginning of 2005, and countless other cashes on Paradise, Party Poker, etc. Just in the first 13 days of April alone, BelowAbove has something like 30k in cashes just from PokerStars alone.

BelowAbove is deadly in any tournament, but particularly deadly in the rebuy tournaments. He/she plays with a huge amount of aggressiveness and confidence, and isn't afraid to put all their chips on the line, often bullying people out of pots.

If you are playing a rebuy at see BelowAbove at your table; be careful.


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