Published on 2006-02-26 21:12:35

If you play any No Limit Hold'em on PokerStars (especially 3-6 No Limit Hold'em or tournaments with a buy-in higher than $50), you have no doubt run into Elky on the tables. You may know him from his avatar on PokerStars; he wears dark sunglasses, and any pictures I have seen of him as a gamer, Elky is also wearing sunglasses.

Elky is Bertrand Grospellier. Bertrand is in his mid 20's, and used to be a professional gamer, playing Starcraft as a pro until he turned his attention solely to poker. The similarities between gaming and playing poker are obvious. Elky dominated the professional gaming circuit, and mostly dominates while playing poker. Elky is known for playing 8-10 tables at a time while on Pokerstars and logging very long sessions, up to 24 hours at a time.

Elky was the first person on PokerStars to join the "Supernova club" and it's no surprise really, given how many hours Elky logs on PokerStars, and how many tables he plays at once. He normally has 7-8 tables of No Limit Hold'em going at one time, and usually one tournament. According to, Elky's biggest cash in a PokerStars tournament was over $37k, but he does most of his damage at the cash tables. Don't be surprised to see Elky take down a big weekend tournament one of these days; he has just too many high finishes not to. He's too talented.


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