Steinberg Suffers Through Worst Nightmare of All Poker Players

Published on 2018-07-04 15:35:00

The World Series of Poker 2018 - Latest news and opinion - By King.It's the worst nightmare of poker players across the world.

You patiently wait all year for the World Series of Poker main event.

After paying your $10,000 entry fee, you take your seat at the table, envisioning a deep run in the tournament and becoming a household name in the poker community. Millions of dollars dance through your head as you are dealt your first cards of the tournament. Everybody is starting with the same stack and anything seems possible.

Then, disaster strikes. You are dealt pocket Aces in the first hand of the tournament and quickly find yourself walking out the door. What happened? How could $10,000 have evaporated so quickly?

This is exactly what happened to Max Steinberg earlier this week as he was eliminated from the WSOP main event in his first hand of the tournament.

Steinberg, who has over $4.5 million in total lifetime tournament cashes, was dealt pocket Aces. Much to Steinberg's delight, he got into a raising war with another player at the table.

It was the classic Aces vs Kings situation, with Steinberg looking very good for the double up. That was, of course, until the King of Diamonds hit the flop, giving Steinberg's opponent a set of Kings. The turn and river were no help for Steinberg and he was eliminated in his first hand.


Poker is all about variance - no matter how well you play a hand, you can be on the wrong end of luck and find yourself getting bounced from a tournament early.

For Steinberg, this is exactly what happened. The fact that he was eliminated from the $10,000 World Series of Poker main event so early made the hand even more painful.


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