Polk: Bilzerian a "Fish in the Water" in Online Games

Published on 2017-01-20 03:49:00

Dan Blizerian. Fish under water.  Next to a gorgeous babe, of course.According to Instagram star Dan Bilzerian, the bulk of his alleged $100 million fortune comes from playing poker.

There has always been a healthy skepticism of this claim from most in the poker community, though there is no denying that Bilzerian has played in some presumably soft high-stakes games in Hollywood. Given the money that is being wagered in these games, it certainly is a possibility that Bilzerian has done very well for himself against these weaker players.


Earlier this week, Bilzerian appeared on Twitch.tv after deciding to sit down and play on his friend Bill Perkins' online poker account, "Gastrader". This provided the poker community with a rare glimpse into Dan Bilzerian, the poker player.

The general consensus? Bilzerian is just not that good of a player, relying on sheer aggression to mow over his opponents.

Doug Polk analyzed Bilzerian's play in a Youtube video that was released yesterday. Polk's conclusion? Bilzerian might have success against weaker players in Hollywood home games, though he would be a "fish in the water" against decent online players.

Polk's comments got picked up by a couple of different publications - I've included links here and here.

Here is what Polk had to say about Bilzerian's play:


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