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Published on 2016-10-04 01:34:00

The King is sitting at his desk holding his head thinking about the characters considered for the Poker Hall of ShameEarlier this week, (link below) author Matthew Pitt penned an article titled "Who Would You Induct Into the Poker Hall of Shame?"

The article has generated a decent amount of discussion online, with many casting their votes as to the most deserving of the names that Pitt put forth. In addition, people have also been offering additional names that they believe should be added to the list.


The original list that Pitt put forth contains some of the most infamous names in the poker world. They are:

Russ Hamilton
Ray Bitar
Annie Duke
Christian Lusardi
Jennifer Larson
Ali Tekintamgac
Howard Lederer
Scott Tom

This list contains the key figures in some of the biggest scams in the history of online poker. The Full Tilt Poker, Lock Poker, Absolute Poker and Ultimatebet fiascos all left a black mark on the poker world. In addition, you have a couple of names of people who tried to perpetuate "live" scams, either through the introduction of counterfeit chips (Lusardi) or through the relaying of card information over the course of a live tournament (Ali Tekintamgac).


If you had to vote just two people in for the "Poker Hall of Shame", who would get your vote?

Most seem to agree that Russ Hamilton is the clear #1 choice, though the second name on the list is the subject of a great deal more discussion.

Source: - Who Would You Induct Into The Poker Hall of Shame?


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