Duhamel's Former Girlfriend Reportedly Orchestrated Plan to Rob, Beat Duhamel

Published on 2013-06-25 23:02:00

Bianca Rojas-LatraverseThe former girlfriend of 2010 World Series of Poker champion Jonathan Duhamel was sentenced to 42 months in jail earlier today.

Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, according to prosecutors, orchestrated the December 2011 plot to rob and beat her former boyfriend.

In December of 2011, a man knocked on the door of Duhamel's residence, claiming to have a delivery. Duhamel, who was expecting a delivery, opened the door, only to be quickly overcome by two men who forced their ways into his residence. The two men proceeded to beat and rob Duhamel, taking over $100,000 in cash, a commemorative Rolex and Duhamel's WSOP bracelet in the process.

According to prosecutors, Rojas-Latraverse and another man were waiting in the getaway car while Duhamel was being robbed. Prosecutors allege that Rojas-Latraverse was the brains behind the plan, while Rojas-Latraverse claims that somebody else organized the robbery.

In the end, the judge did not believe a word out of the mouth of Rojas-Latraverse, claiming that the former girlfriend of Duhamel had lied under oath. The judge said he believed that Rojas-Latraverse created the sinister plan in order to hurt her former boyfriend.


Rojas-Latraverse has already been in jail for 18 months, which means that she will have to serve another two years.

Source: LaPresse.ca (French)


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