Phil Laak Mucks Winning Hand in Big Game VI

Published on 2012-04-13 19:28:00

Party Poker - Big Game VI - LogoEarlier this week at the "Big Game VI" in Vienna, Phil Laak mucked a winning hand in a 60k EUR (approximately $83k USD) pot.

The hand in question took place between Andrew Moseley and Laak. After a Laak re-raise, Moseley pushed all-in pre-flop holding Ah-Kh. After a bit of thought, Laak decided to make the call holding A-6 offsuit.

Moseley flipped over his hand, but Laak elected not to, saying that "when a guy is melting off his money, you don't have the right to see his hand." Note: Laak was up over 150k EUR before this hand took place.

The flop brought 2c-10s-2d, improving neither player.

The turn? The 6d, giving Laak a pair of sixes.

The river brought the Jh.

You can see what happens next by checking out the video below:


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