Negreanu Loses $61,000

Published on 2012-02-06 15:24:00

Daniel Negreanu speaking to the cameraIn a blog posting that was released this weekend (link below), "Team Pokerstars Pro" Daniel Negreanu revealed that he recently lost $61,000 after his email and Pokerstars accounts were hacked.

Shortly after leaving Melbourne, Australia, Negreanu sent out this Tweet:

"Important: Do NOT send me any emails the account appears to have been hacked. Just landed in LA nice news."

The hacker was also able to gain access to Negreanu's account on Pokerstars and ended up going on a "joyride" in the high stakes games on the site. Here is what Negreanu had to say on his blog:

"I got the news back pretty quickly that the hacker did get into my account for a joyride. Something I'll never understand. He didn't dump money to any one specific player, he kind of just sprayed my money around several tables, ultimately losing $61,000 of my money. Not entirely sure why he didn't empty my account, but I'm thankful that he didn't."

Will Negreanu get the $61,000 back?

"..In cases like this, it's clearly spelled out in the PokerStars user agreement, that if your email is hacked you won't be reimbursed by the company... no matter who you are. Since it's clear that my account was hacked, and it wasn't the fault of PokerStars in any way, I just have to eat the loss."


Negreanu's situation should serve as a warning to any online poker player - lock down your accounts and use a RSA token if one is available.

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