World Series of Poker Numbers Strong Despite "Black Friday"

Published on 2011-06-08 02:43:00

The King is looking at the WSOP logo - World Series of PokerAfter "Black Friday" took place, one of the most commonly asked questions was - how will the World Series of Poker be impacted?

While the main event field will undoubtedly be heavily impacted (many people are predicting that the field size will be in the 5,000-5,500 range) by "Black Friday", the preliminary events have held up surprisingly well compared to last year. In fact, a number of this year's events have had stronger turnouts than last year. (link below) has the breakdown from the first nine events:

$500 Casino Employees' Championship:

This Year - 850 Entrants
Last Year - 721 Entrants

$25k HU NLHE Championship

This Year - 128 Entrants
Last Year - 191 Entrants

$1,500 Limit Omaha 8

This Year - 925 Entrants
Last Year - 818 Entrants

$5,000 NLHE

This Year - 865 Entrants
Last Year - 792 Entrants

$1,500 Seven Card Stud

This Year - 357 Entrants
Last Year - 408 Entrants

$1,500 Limit Hold'em

This Year - 675 Entrants
Last Year - 625 Entrants

$10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em

This Year - 249 Entrants
Last Year - 268 Entrants

$1,000 NLHE

This Year - 4,178 Entrants
Last Year - 4,345 Entrants

$1,500 2-7 Single Draw

This Year - 275 Entrants
Last Year - 250 Entrants


The World Series of Poker has to be extremely pleased with the turnout so far this year.

Having said that, it will be interesting to see the trend in WSOP field sizes in the years ahead if online poker legislation isn't passed in the United States and US-based players continue to be locked out from playing online.

Source: - Poker by numbers - the post-Black Friday WSOP so far


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