UB.net Releases Two New Commercials .. That Feature a Talking Bulldog

Published on 2010-09-05 16:32:00

The King is playing the violin to Ultimate Bet commercialsUB.net recently unleashed two new commercials that include FTP pro "look-alikes" (including Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson), as well as a "passionate poker-playing bulldog".

UB.net is going for the "humorous parody" angle in these commercials - success or failure? Better yet - do these commercials give you the urge to go open up an account at UB.net?

First off is the "K9" commercial:

Next, the "Tell Tail" commercial:


I normally don't like talking about UB/AP, but these commercials drove me to action. The commercials look like something that would have come from the mind of Phil Hellmuth:

"Let's poke some fun at Ivey and Ferguson.. and while we're it, let's also throw in a talking bulldog."


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