Jakob Carlsson Finishes Day 5 of EPT San Remo as Tournament Chip Leader

Published on 2010-04-20 22:38:00

Jakob Carlsson will enter the final table of the EPT San Remo main event as the chip leader when action gets under way on Wednesday afternoon (local time).

Carlsson dominated the action on Day 5, bludgeoning his way to a massive stack of over 13.5 million in chips. This is almost triple the stack of the next closest player, Tony Pettersson.

Here are the stacks heading into the final table of the event:

Jakob Carlsson - 13,525,000
Toni Pettersson - 5,035,000
Michael Piper - 4,600,000
Claudio Piceci - 4,460,000
Liv Boeree - 3,440,000
Atanas Georgiev - 2,520,000
Alexey Rybin - 1,890,000
Giuseppe Diep - 1,830,000

All eight players are guaranteed at least 90k EUR by making it this far, with the eventual winner of the event taking home an impressive 1.25 million EUR. The massive 1,240 player field for the 5k EUR event ended up creating an enormous prize pool of just over 6 million EUR.


Jakob Carlsson surged to a massive chip lead after getting involved in a monster pot with Alexey Rybin.

After a flop of Kc-Tc-Qh, the two players got into a raising war and soon found themselves all-in, creating a pot of just under 11 million in chips.

Carlsson and Rybin turned up:

Carlsson - Qc-Qs
Rybin - 9c-Jc

Carlsson had flopped middle set, while Rybin had flopped the King-high straight and a club flush draw.

The turn brought the 8c, improving Rybin's straight to a flush. Carlsson picked up a club flush draw as well though, as he held the Qc in his hand.

The river brought the Kd, pairing the board and giving Carlsson a full house and the massive 10.8 million chip pot. Thanks to this hand, Carlsson will enter the final table of the event as the dominant chip leader, while Rybin will be one of the short stacks.

The final table of the EPT San Remo Main Event will get under way 12:00 local time on Wednesday afternoon.


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