Published on 2008-04-15 21:52:50

poker player joe hachem - leaning over the table - wearing headphonesThings were progressively smoothly at the EPT Grand Final today until a fight almost took place between "Team Pokerstars Pro" Joe Hachem and T6 Poker player Woody Deck.

There were 82 players left in the tournament at the time of the incident - just two away from the money. People may have been a bit on edge due to the fact that the money bubble was about to burst. Nerves were frayed, but tensions were about to be ratcheted up a level higher.

According to, Joe Hachem was involved in a hand with Peter Traply. On a board of A-6-J-A-3, Hachem bet out 80,000 and Traply called, showing A-10.

Hachem tapped the table, said "nice call", and mucked his hand.

This is where things got heated.

Woody Deck, who was not involved in the hand, asked if he could see Hachem's cards.

Hachem objected, saying that he didn't have to show because the winning hand had already been shown. The dealer agreed, and mucked Hachem's cards.

Deck, according to Pokernews, then asked Hachem if he was trying to angle shoot, and said "Don't be an asshole."

Hachem then lost his cool and unleashed with a "barrage of intimidating replies" while leaning across the table in Deck's direction. Play at the other tables stopped as people stood up to see exactly what was going on. Antonio Esfandiari, playing at another table, lept up and got between the two players. Casino security also stepped in until the situation had calmed down.

I'm not surprised that Hachem lost his cool. If the recounting of the incident is accurate, then Deck was being completely out of line.

Deck was later knocked out of the tournament. How much do you want to bet that he tries his best to steer clear of Hachem after the conclusion of Day 3? I know that I wouldn't want to tangle with Hachem, and I doubt Deck does either. I would bet that Deck peeks down the hallway in both directions before leaving his hotel room tonight.

Source: Pokernews EPT Grand Final Coverage


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