Published on 2007-12-04 00:43:32

king is asking you what you think about short stackersWhen you are sitting at say, a $1/$2 table, and someone buys in short, does it bother you? Or do you not care?

Do you think that buying in with a small stack is a legitimate strategy, or do you just think it is an annoyance and everyone should have to buy-in for a certain amount (say, 50 BB)?

Do you play short stacks yourself?

Many players refuse to play with people that buy in short, especially in heads-up matches.

Short-stacking can be an extremely effective strategy against a person that does not necessarily know how to cope with a short stack at the table. Short stacks will usually look for opportunities to move all-in, hoping that their opponents call with fairly weak hands in the hopes of eliminating the short stack from the table. You will find larger stacks calling all-in bets with all sorts of miscellaneous hands, including 22, A7, etc., just in hopes of eliminating the smaller stack. Strong short stack players realize this, and exploit this advantage.

There are two types of short-stackers. Those who know what they are doing, and use their smaller stacks to induce calls from larger stacks in the name of pot odds. And then you have the short-stackers who are buying in small because that is all that they have, and they will usually played scared and timid poker, basically folding everything but the nuts.

Do you think that poker rooms should do more to discourage short-stacking, or do you think that this is just part of the game and nothing should be done about it? Would you support higher minimum buy-ins, or do you think that things should be left as they are?


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