Published on 2007-12-03 04:52:13

poker king is saying that tony g is a hell of a guyYou can say what you want about Tony G. If you view some of his more infamous Youtube clips, you would probably leave with the opinion that he is the world's biggest idiot. He berates opponents, insults opponents and just generally humiliates his opponents when he is playing live poker.

But that's a ploy to get his opponents off of their games. Tony G, through his actions off the poker felt, shows again and again why he is one of the most generous and personable people around.

With all of these recent revelations of young poker players doing WHATEVER it takes to pad their bankrolls, ethics be damned, it is refreshing to hear about people such as Tony G. I'd take Tony G any day over some of these young poker prodigies who lie, cheat and steal their ways to larger bankrolls, to the detriment of their fellow players. I'd take Tony G over an online player who is a "nice guy", but a snake, any day of the week.

Tony G took down the Moscow Millions this past weekend for $205,000 and donated the entirety of the winnings to Russian orphanages.

In 2006 Tony took down the Betfair Asian Poker Tour championship for $451,000, and donated half to Asian and Australian charities.

Tony G is out of shape. He's old. He doesn't wear two thousand dollar sunglasses at the poker tables. However, he still does more for the game of poker than most people could ever dream of doing, and his example is one that we should all follow. He's a loudmouth with a heart of gold.


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