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poker players - get a part time job - king does car racing on the sideYou would be surprised to know how many of the well-known online poker superstars have part-time jobs. Or in some cases, they have full-time jobs, and choose to play at nights and especially on the weekends. This is a conscious decision on their part, and oftentimes they will actually take these jobs AFTER they have found success. You have successful players who work at car dealerships, summer camps and night clubs.
Sure, there are plenty of players who simply play poker all day and everyday. If that's the life that you want, then that's fine. But there is a reason why many players choose to work normal jobs while dominating online. And if you find yourself in a situation where you are very successful but never leave the house, it might not be a bad idea for you as well.

There are many reasons to work a job while playing poker "professionally":

-the social aspect of the job. Sure, if you are a successful poker player you won't want to work drive-through at McDonald's or anything. That's not what we are suggesting. But what's wrong with being a camp counselor during the summer, or working at a local bar on the weekends? There are many jobs out there that have tremendous social benefits. Many poker players lead solitary lives, mainly communicating via email and online messengers. Working an enjoyable part-time job can allow you to meet all sorts of people.

-taking a break from the computer. It is always refreshing to get out of the house and away from your computer for a while. I bet that most people play better after having a bit of time off away from the computer, and it certainly freshens your mind and allows you to play a bit better at the tables. Some people choose to exercise instead (nothing wrong with that), but if you're not much into physical activity, then a part-time job will allow you to gather your thoughts and calm down after a long session at the tables.

-steady income. No matter how successful you are, there is nothing wrong with a steady paycheck every month. You'll be thankful for it after those losing sessions. Obviously if you have a very large bankroll this probably isn't a consideration for you; but if you have a $30k bankroll or something, having $500-$1000 rolling in every month would certainly come in handy sometimes. If you have a family and a mortgage, then steady monthly income is even more important, no matter how good of a poker player you are.
-other considerations. If you need to apply for a loan or a mortgage, it can help if you have something other than "poker player" as your occupation on your application. Also, you never know when you will make contacts at your part-time job that may serve you well in later stages of your life.

Getting a part-time job that you enjoy is a great way to meet people while bringing in some extra income. There must be a reason why some of the top players in the world choose to work as well as play poker. It's not that bad of an idea, as long as the job is under your terms and you enjoy it. Why not?


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