Published on 2007-11-13 17:49:15

king is wondering about djmanga - poker player at full tiltIf you were to cash in a FTOPS event for over $32k, what's the first thing that you would do?

Go out and celebrate with your friends at the local bar?

Go car shopping?

Log off of Full Tilt Poker and go to sleep?

There are all things that a normal person would do. However, "djmanga" on Full Tilt Poker is not normal.

"djmanga" came in 7th place in FTOPS Eight yesterday, and cashed for a little more than $32k. "djmanga" was angry that he didn't do better, and immediately after being bounced from the FTOPS, he moved his roll over to the $50/$100 No Limit Hold'em tables. A huge crowd followed him, and was egging him on as he battled with "I WIN FLIPS" on the table.

The problem is that "djmanga" was supremely overmatched, and within a couple of hours had lost his ENTIRE winnings from the FTOPS. People on the rail were begging him to stop, but he just didn't listen. He was whittled all the way down to $1000, but managed to work it back up to $11k before being finished off by a full house.

The saddest part (or funniest part, depending on your perspective) is his quote when he was busted:

"I don't care that much, because I should have won $250k and didn't manage, so $32k is nothing."

Next time you go deep in a major event and bust out earlier than where you would have liked, make sure that you don't try to roll up your winnings at the high limit tables! Don't be like "djmanga." I wonder what went through his mind when he woke up this morning?


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