Published on 2007-04-24 22:08:41

As "poker-kitty", the seller of this item on Ebay says, this is the "Ultimate Poker Collectible. You can view the "urinal puck" that is for sale on Ebay here. The bidding for this one of a kind item starts off at a paltry $5000. There are no pictures of the item (as if one was needed.) The seller claims that the mint in question was acquired via rubber gloves from an attendant in the men's room of the hotel. The seller goes on to say that the item could even be used as a dealer button, but that it might want to be washed first. Certainly a one of a kind item for sale; a smart person would extract Jamie Gold's DNA from the urinal puck and create an army of poker luckboxes that could take over the world.


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