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The payouts and field size for the Five Star World Poker Tour (also known as the World Poker Tour Championship) have now been announced. It is no surprise that the biggest names in the poker world are almost all playing at this tournament, as it boasts a near 4 million dollar first prize and a relatively small field, due to the $25,000 buy-in.

WPT Payouts AnnouncedThere are 639 players at this year's event, making for a slightly larger field than last year. There is a total prize pool of just over $15.4 million dollars, with $3.97 million dollars going to the first place winner. Second place will receive just over $2 million dollars.

The top 100 players will be paid in this event, with the bubble boy (or girl) being 101st place.

Many big names are making moves in this event, with names such as Mike Matusow, Sam Farha and Josh Arieh all boasting some fairly large stacks. We will continue to cover this event as it moves forward. A winner will be crowned on Friday night. Odds are it will be someone that we have all heard of; due to the high buy-in, most of the players are well-known.
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