Published on 2007-04-17 22:35:38

Scott Clements continued his recent hot streak, chopping the $2500 Bellagio Event on Monday for $200k. While I am sure that he is ecstatic about his victory, he is probably not too pleased about getting sucked out on in the final hand, costing him a seat to the $25k WPT event later on this month.

scott bigriskky clementsClements and fellow heads-up opponent Jesse Martin agreed to a chop two-handed, leaving the $25,000 seat to the World Poker Championships on the table. When their money got all in on a flop of K 4 2 with Clements holding top pair and Martin holding middle pair, things were looking good for "BigRiskky." However, the river was an ace, giving Martin two pair and the victory, probably leaving Clements with a bit of a sour taste in his mouth, even though he had just won $200k.

The finish for Clements continued the domination of the Bellagio WPT events by predominantly online players. No one can argue anymore than live poker pros are any better than online pros. Add this strong finish to the two wins by "Wacokidd" and you have a very successful showing by the online pros.

Well-known online pro Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy also had a strong showing in this tournament, finishing in a tie for 12th place. Fifth place was taken down by Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, a well-known European player.

All in all, a very impressive showing by Scott "Bigriskky" Clements, and we expect to see him in the final event, even though he didn't win a seat in this particular tournament.


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