Published on 2007-04-16 23:24:57

Deja vu?

Jared "Wacokidd" Hamby won another tournament at the Bellagio WPT World Championships, this time taking down the $2000 + $100 event for just under $300k, plus a $25k seat to the WPT Championship starting on April 21st, 2007. Considering that Hamby already won a seat just about a week ago, I am wondering whether the Bellagio will offer him $25k cash, or perhaps a seat to next year's WPT tournament. Regardless, Hamby is on an absolutely sick run right now, pulling down over 500k in cashes in the last week.

jared wackokidd hambyLast tournament there was a chop three handed; this tournament, there was no such thing, as Hamby took down the event cleanly, besting Kathy Liebert, chipleader heading into the final table, in heads up action. Liebert received $164k for her troubles.

There were several big hands that allowed Hamby to cruise to victory.

Four handed, Hamby got all of his money in the middle holding pocket eights against Justin Gaines' A Q offsuit. The turn card was an 8, leaving Gaines with zero outs, allowing Hamby to double up and take the chip lead.

From there, he knocked out David Daneshgar in third place, when Hamby pushed all in with A K and Daneshgar called with A Q of clubs. The river was no help to anyone, however the turn brought about a flush draw. The river was no help to either player, and Daneshgar was out in 3rd place, taking home just over $80k.

Hamby won quickly in heads-up battle on a pretty big suckout. After the board came 5 4 2 with two clubs, all of the money got in the middle. Hamby probably figured he had a number of outs as he flipped up 10 9 of clubs, however Liebert flipped over Q 8 of clubs, and Hamby was in a bit of trouble on this hand. However, the turn was a 9 of spades, giving Hamby a pair, forcing Liebert to rely on one of the few clubs left in the deck or a Queen. The river was a 2 of spades, and Hamby took down the event, the seat to the WPT Championship, and almost $300k.

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