Published on 2007-04-15 21:23:35

In a recent Forbes video interview, the interviewer asked Taylor Caby, co-owner of and ultra-successful high limits player known as "Green Plastic", how much money Cardrunners makes. Caby responded that the site nets over a million dollars per year. Considering the value that provides, I am not surprised that they are able to attract such a high volume of subscribers. With names like Brian "sbrugby" Townsend and Taylor "Green Plastic" Caby doing videos, they provide the user tremendous value and greatly improve the game of anyone that signs up for their service.

pokerxfactor vs. card runnersOn the other hand, you have PokerXFactor. PokerXFactor boasts names such as JohnnyBax, Sheets and Rizen posting videos. While tends to focus more on cash games, PokerXFactor has more of a MTT / SNG flavor. currently has over 300 videos online, and boasts that they add at least one new video poker day. currently costs just $24.95 a month.

PokerXFactor has a slightly different pricing model. They charge $149.95 up front, which also includes the first month of sessions. The second month and each month after that is $24.95.

In my opinion, both sites are great. If you are interested in becoming a well-rounded poker player, then I would suggest joining both of these sites, as for just $50 per month, they offer the user tremendous value and will definitely enable you to become a much stronger player. If you intend for your focus to be strictly cash games, then I would recommend joining and forgetting about PokerXFactor. However, if you intend to focus on SNG's and MTT's, then I would join PokerXFactor. If you want to become a well-rounded player, then I would highly suggest joining both sites.

If you are thinking about signing up to, make sure to enter the promo code of THEKING when signing up.

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