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It has always been interesting to me that the major poker rooms such as Poker Stars and Party Poker don't really seem to be going out of their way to accomodate players who are playing on a Mac. That is a big potential market, and they just don't seem to be interested. No matter what the costs are for developing Mac-compatible software, surely a poker room would be able to recover these expenses quickly, considering the flood of Mac-using players who would now frequent their site.

playing poker on a macThe most Mac friendly poker room of the majors is without a doubt Full Tilt Poker. Other sites will simply provide instructions on which computer programs to buy that will allow your Mac to emulate a PC, so you can load up their poker room software. Full Tilt Poker, quite a long time ago, was savvy enough to develop software that would load straight onto a Mac. Don't have any emulation software? No worries, their poker room will load up straight onto your Mac. Apple users are pretty loyal, and Full Tilt Poker was smart enough to develop software that was 100% Mac compatible.

The other major rooms such as Poker Stars, Party Poker and Ultimatebet all rely on telling Mac users that they should download a program that will allow them to emulate a PC environment on their Mac. To me, this is just plain laziness and cheapness on their part, and a big reason why Full Tilt Poker is developing such a loyal base of users. The Mac population represents a huge and ever-growing base of users; why not pay a company to port the software, so that Mac users can simply download the software and go? This is short-sightedness on the part of all of the major poker rooms except for Full Tilt Poker.

If you are a Mac user and want to play at the room which goes out of its way to accomodate Mac users, then Full Tilt Poker is your clear choice.


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