Published on 2007-03-29 03:31:48

Just for the record, it's "Phil Ivey." Regardless of how you spell his name, Phil Ivey is regarded by most as being THE best No Limit Hold'em player in the world; forget that, he is the best all around poker player in the world. The people who would know the best, the professionals that play with him on a nightly basis, almost unanimously agree that Ivey is the best.

What makes Ivey so good? It is his relentless drive and willingness to put in the many hours needed to become a better player. Many players are so wrapped up in their other ventures, that they neglect putting in the hours required at the table to become a better player. While other players are out designing video games or signing autographs, Ivey is at the Bellagio, bettering his game and putting in the hours.

Some people say that Phil Ivey is the "Tiger Woods" of poker. I would agree with this comparison, not because they are both black, but because they are both at the top of their professions, yet still have a relentless drive to get better. It is scary to think that Phil Ivey is so unbelievably good, yet still has the willingness and desire to become a better player. I am sure that if you asked him, he could list 10 things that he needs to work on in his game.

Ivey prefers to play cash, because he makes more consistent money there. When Ivey does decide to play tournaments, he is extremely successful as well, as indicated by his numerous victories and bracelets. Considering that Ivey has probably 50 years of poker playing in front of him, it is fairly scary to consider the number of WSOP bracelets that Ivey has by the time he decides to quit the game. He has 5 already. How many will he end up with? 20? 25? 30?


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