Published on 2007-03-14 00:05:38

It seems as though these days, poker forums are full of more rumors and innuendo than you can shake a stick at. Instead of discussing hands or tournament results, people seem to be more interested in discussing names like Neverwin, Chantel and Brandi. Poker forums are starting to resemble high school cafeterias, which shouldn't be surprising considering the tender age of most of the players online.

Rumors have been spreading over recent weeks that Neverwin, aka Dustin Woolf, is broke and hiding from people that he owes money from. Rumor has it that Woolf owes different players up to half a million dollars. Not only that, but apparently Dustin is hooked on drugs, especially oxycontin. True? False? No idea, just reporting what I heard. Neverwin is certainly prone to large swings, but is he actually completely out of money now?

Based on what I have seen, Dustin has been doing fairly well lately, as he recently had a nice finish at a heads-up tournament in California, and also recently took Brian Townsend for 70k in heads-up pot limit Omaha. But considering Dustin spends most of his time at the Commerce Casino playing live, it is hard to say how he is doing. And with a self-described addiction to sports betting, there is no telling how many losses Woolf has accrued betting on sports, which has destroyed many a bankroll in its time.


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