Published on 2007-01-20 10:12:48

As of this hour, poker sites are still operating, but the question is, how do you get money in and out of the sites? After the arrest of their two founders, Neteller hastily announced that they will no longer process transactions into and out of gambling sites for American residents. Other e-wallets such as Citadel soon followed suit, pulling out of the US, and basically leaving US players will no way to get their funds into or out of a site. For some rooms such as Bodog, the only option available to US residents is withdrawal by Western Union.

Is this the end of online poker in the USA, or is there going to be a groundswell of anger against the anti online gambling laws in the US? Are people going to voice their opinions, or simply shrug their shoulders and say, "well it was fun."

The fate of online poker in the US is in the hands of the casual player. Will the casual player step up and challenge the government on this, or will they find another hobby? Because the people that make money playing poker for a living just don't have the kind of numbers needed to make a big difference. It's the player who logs in on the weekend to play a quick SNG before going out to dinner with their spouse that can make the difference. There are literally millions of these players out there. Will they make themselves heard? The fate of online poker rests in their hands.


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