Published on 2006-12-23 04:28:33

People ask me all the time. What is the best way to build a bankroll up? While I don't play poker anymore (too busy with other projects, personal life), I thought I would offer up my thoughts as to what the best way to build a bankroll is online.

First off, you gotta have rakeback. Did you know that you can earn back up to 40% of your total rake, while you play? If you play any significant amount of poker, this will be hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars going straight to your bankroll every month. How could you afford to pass up this opportunity to pad your bankroll?

Also, you need to take advantage of reload offers that most poker sites offer. Even if you have a significant amount of $$ in your account, if your site is offering you a 20% bonus on any new deposits, you should pull out your credit card or Neteller account and deposit more money. Why not? It's free money after all.

Now, what is the best way to build your bankroll through actual poker playing? I prefer the mid level SNG's, 4-6 tabling at a time. If you play 6 $30 SNG's an hour, and can maintain a 10% ROI (should be attainable if you are a halfway decent player), then you will be earning $18 per hour. When you add in your rakeback and bonuses, you will probably be earning closer to $25 per hour. Not bad at all. If you play 4 hours per day, that is $100 per day, $3k a month.

While playing ring games will add more $ to your hourly rakeback total, I prefer the SNG's, but that's just my personal preference. You can play SNG's in a more mechanical fashion, whereas I find in ring games, you need to develop more of a read on your opponents.

That's my take on building a bankroll.


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