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First off, let me say that I used to really like Joe Hachem. When he won the 2005 World Series of Poker, I was very happy, as it seemed as though he would be a great ambassador for the game of poker. He was well-spoken, nice, respectful and had a real love for the game it seemed. I mean, when you compare Joe Hachem's win in 2005 to Jamie Gold's win in 2006, there is no comparison as to who the more likable winner was.

However, over the past year, Joe Hachem has become more and more of a whiner. Not only in his live appearances, but also playing online. Keep in mind that this is a guy who won $7.5 million dollars TAX FREE (he lives in Australia.) Greg Raymer plays online all the time, and live as well, and I have never heard him complain or whine about a bad beat.

Let's start with this year's World Series of Poker. In the final table of the short-handed event that Dutch Boyd ended up winning, Hachem was being a little overboard with whining and over-celebrating of pots won. I mean, I know he is excited and it's a very competitive environment, but come on. He utters the classic line after getting beat in a pot. "That's the story of my life." Hello? This is a man who won the World Series of Poker after his Q7 won against pocket nines all-in against Aaron Kanter.

But even worse is his online haranguing of other players. As an ambassador to the game of poker, if he gets eliminated from a tournament, he should say "GG, GLA." Instead, he'll pop up in the chat, and berate a player for their bad call or bad play. Like I say, I like Joe Hachem, but he needs to take a page out of Greg Raymer's book as to how to conduct yourself in a tournament. There is a reason why Greg Raymer gets standing ovations when he gets knocked out of tournaments. He has respect. Hachem, while a great player, could learn something from Raymer.


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