Published on 2006-09-11 19:37:16

If you have about $1000 or so on PokerStars, and are looking to build up your bankroll and are a half decent player, then I would heartily recommend the $39 rebuy satellites on PokerStars (for entry into the Sunday Million tournament.) Why do I recommend this tournament? Basically, if you are willing to rebuy and add-on, you have a HUGE advantage over most of the other players. Let me explain.

For every 6 buy-ins/rebuys/add-ons to this tournament, there is one seat to the Sunday Million tournament. About half of the people in the tournament will re-buy, and even less will add-on. Most people enter this tournament with the single $39 entry, trying to get through the tournament while only spending $39 (not a bad strategy I guess, but you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.)

I have played four of these satellites, and have won a seat in all four, fairly easily. Results may vary, but the numbers are very much in my favor because I choose to rebuy and add-on. Let's look at the numbers.

I played in a recent $39R satellite where there were 80 competitors. 44 of these people rebought, and 22 people added on. So adding everything up, there were 24 seats available, and a bit of cash to the 25th place competitor. Now, keep in mind that just over half the field rebought, and just over a quarter of the field added on. So basically, you are starting out with double the chips than almost half of the field.

Next; by the time the first break came, only 45 of the original competitors were still left in the field. So, of the 45 left in the field, only half rebought. If you have a fairly successful first hour, and take the rebuy, you should be at 7500 chips+, which should put you in the top 5 with only 45 remaining. Remember that 24 get seats, and many people will not re-buy or add-on, so of the 45 people remaining, many will have smaller stacks, and will be looking to just squeak into getting a seat. So not only do the have the statistical edge, but you can punish these smaller stacks, as their tournament lives will be at stake everytime they play a hand with you.
If you play smart poker from this point on, you should qualify for a seat.

Let's assume that you spend $117 for each tournament that you play. Each time you will win a seat, you will earn $215 in tournament dollars. In my opinion, with the advantage in chips that you have after the first break, you should win 75% of the time. So if you play 10 of these satellites, you should spend a total of $1170, but win back $1612.50, for a total profit of $442.5.


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