Published on 2006-08-21 17:29:11

Looking for a way to increase your bankroll? Look no further than the PokerStars Sunday Million satellites, which are offered continuously by PokerStars. If you are a person that has a roll of say, $400-$500, and are looking for the safest way to get it up to $2k, then I would highly recommend taking advantage of the PokerStars satellites. There are two in particular that I would recommend that run multiple times per day. Both of these tournaments are ridiculously soft.

First off, I would recommend the $3 rebuys. These run 5-6 times per day I believe. For every $210 in rebuys and add-ons and initial buy-ins, there is one entry awarded into the Sunday million. Usually, there is about one seat awarded for every ten players. But the thing is, if you are willing to rebuy and add-on, then normally 1/3rd of the field is gone by the end of the rebuy period. Meaning your odds improve significantly. So if 160 people start, most likely there will be about 110 people left after the rebuy period ends, with usually about 16 seats being awarded.

If you are a somewhat decent player, you should win a seat at least every 4 tries. Once you win the seat, you can unregister and use the $210 for other tournaments, or cash it out for around $190 in cold hard cash. If you spend $15 per tournament in rebuys and add-ons and buy-ins, then you would come out ahead around $140 for each 4 tournaments that you played.

Also, the $11 turbo rebuys offer great value, not only because they are easy to beat, but because they are over in an hour and a half. Normally, there are 15 seats or so for every 100 entries. So a field of 200 will yield around 30 seats. A decent player should cash in about 33% of these tournaments. So, if you spend $30 per tournament, you are coming out ahead, as you can just unregister for your seat.

If you play a number of these tournaments every day, you will quickly notice that your bankroll is expanding. Just play good, solid poker, and you will come out way ahead in these tournaments.


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